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UNI Post & Logistics - Global Bulletin 2010 #1

  • Support DHL Belgium workers
  • Post must be part of Haiti recovery plans
  • Germany: Court rejects minimum wage ruling
  • Dutch court rules "piece" rates can continue
  • Canada Post will help deliver FedEx parcels
  • JPGU/UNI-Apro Nepal Postal Unions Seminar
  • Australia: wear a badge, lose a day's pay
  • Don't use post modernisaton to make unacceptable changes
  • Canadian seek more information on new tech
  • Postkom saves jobs from New Concept Office's threat
  • Workers say paper dust is destroying their health
  • TNT pulls out of Austrian mail market
  • Unions occupy Costa Rica Labour Ministry
  • Japanese Government reviews postal privatisation
  • Swiss union warnings on liberalisation being heard
  • Public Service Ethos Key for Royal Mail
  • CWU Youth Podcast
  • France: opposition to the privatisation of La Poste
  • Parcels market: CBAs against wage dumping
  • Congress of the Swiss Communication workers

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