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UNI Post & Logistics - Global Bulletin 2009 # 7 + 8

  • UNI, UNAIDS, UPU and ILO launch global HIV prevention campaign
  • Britain keeps the post public
  • France: the CGT: mobilization against postal privatization CGT:
  • Moroccan postal union wins its privatisation battle
  • NALC says no to USPS idea of 5 days delivery
  • Jobs in mail are lost, but postal bank jobs increase
  • UNI condemns new Latvian law on pensions, social benefits
  • Portuguese union's court action helps get negotiations underway
  • New technology insight
  • CCOO proposes a pact for the future of mail
  • DHL workers say stop the fear of joining unions
  • Belgium: EAT pilots and ground personnel are striking together for their rights
  • Organising DHL workers in Panama
  • Organising DHL workers in Colombia
  • "Yellow union" at DHL São Paulo?
  • The Swiss give their opinion on postal services in a survey
  • Norway to prevent the implementation of the third postal directive?
  • CEPU postal members get ready for industrial action
  • Posts use RFID to monitor quality of letter post
  • Freight sector says redundancies create skill shortages
  • Bryan Stanley, former General Secretary of the now CWU

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