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31. Dezember 2008

UNI Post & Logistics - Global Bulletin 2008 #8

  • Spanish Government supports cheap secure money transfer for migrant workers using Post Offices in Central & Latin America
  • Austria: Postal workers take strike action against destruction of jobs
  • USA: DHL will cut 9.500 jobs
  • Morocco: UNI supports FNPT-UMT against privatisation of Post
  • No Entry for UNI Post & Logistics at DHL Hong Kong
  • Switzerland: The Federal Council must draw the consequences from the current economic crisis and abandon its liberalisation and privatisation projects
  • Canada: Unjustified Attack on UPCE Conditions of Employment
  • Inauguration of new Sindetelco premises
  • France: demonstration against the privatisation of La Poste
  • Greece: "No" to the sale of the Express Mail business
  • The introduction of Delivery Sequencing in the USA: Job Loss and Injuries
  • UNI Post & Logistics Workshop on Liberalisation
  • Suisse: CarPostal Suisse SA - Salaries: social partners reach an agreement
  • UNI-ITF Organising workshop and DHL Campaign strategy meeting
  • Next meetings

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