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13. März 2008

UNI Post & Logistics - Global Bulletin 2008 #1

  • A New Team for UNI Post & Logistics
  • UNI Post & Logistics “Steps Up”
  • TNT Refuses to pay the minimum wage to German Postal Workers
  • FNV Bondgenoten is trying to organise self-employed postmen
  • Two postal workers unions in New Zealand amalgamate and seek a new Contract
  • Deutsche Post says it will announce plans in May to stop DHL US losses
  • Union calls for Australia Post inquiry
  • 10,000 postal workers demonstrate throughout Spain
  • Portuguese Postal Unions on Strike for Collective Contract Justice
  • Tentative agreement reached between the Teamsters and DHL Express USA
  • Music helps many postal workers
  • Netherlands: FNV Bondgenoten wants delay in opening up Dutch postal market
  • UNI Post & Logistics Global Bulletin
  • UNI Post & Logistics Communications Questionnaire
  • Forthcoming Events

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