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UNI Post & Logistics - Global Bulletin 2011 #5

  • Trade Union action in Austria with UPS drivers
  • Best practices for a greener postal sector
  • US postal workers right to bargain attacked by Congress Committee
  • México: Postal workers celebrate the First of May
  • First All India convention for women postal workers
  • DHL intimidates workers in South Africa for joining a union
  • CWU UK says 9,360 post offices are under threat
  • Another rainy day in Dublin, join the CWU Ireland!
  • An "Arab Spring" for Middle East postal unions
  • Postal Euromed important for the Future of Posts in the Mediterranean
  • FedEx hit by strike at Paris
  • APWU members ratify their contract
  • Letter Carriers food drive to help stamp out hunger for needy families
  • Global unions meet in Frankfurt to hold logistics giants to account
  • UNI Global Union questions DHL CEO’s credibility
  • The SPTT / Burundi calls for the regulation of post
  • The pressure of FNPT / Morocco bearing fruit
  • Canada Post refuses a deal, CUPW on strike

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