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20. September 2008

UNI Post & Logistics - Global Bulletin 2008 #5

  • UNI Global Union and the UPU sign partnership deal
  • UNI Post & Logistics Global Union moves forward with new strategy
  • UNI encourages UPU to do more for sustainable
  • USA: UNI tells NALC, APWU and NPMHU conventions the world needs Obama
  • UNI shocked at the bad deal done by German Christian postal union
  • Union criticises US Postal Service's outsourcing plans
  • UNI congratulates Spain, Morocco and several Arab countries for adopting and supporting the UPU electronic money transfer system
  • Two New Zealand Unions vote on their proposed new NZ Post contract
  • Spanish unions seek a study into universal service
  • Switzerland: Swisspost is doing well, employees must benefit!
  • France: Privatisation project of La Poste
  • USA: employees react to DHL’s restructuring plan
  • Turkish unions say problems with mail security need to be fixed
  • Decent work – Doing the right thing
  • eBay and La Poste France offer e-postage
  • Big increase in the use of "Speed Mail" in India
  • Obituary: Ishikawa, former UNI Post World President
  • Next meetings

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