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UNI Post & Logistics - Global Bulletin 2009 #10

  • UNI Americas launch action plan and a new stamp
  • More than 90% against La Poste privatization
  • European transport workers demand decent rules
    on work time
  • Union action key as Norway postpones postal
  • CWU UK goes on strike
  • ITF backs British postal workers
  • Unions are part of Logistics
  • EPMU gains wage rise for Express Mail workers
  • DHL management agrees to Dutch union demands
  • Spanish Vice President says unions are part of the solution
  • CCOO union delegates demonstrate for Decent
  • UPU and ICANN conclude negotiations for .post
  • Social Observatory Project – Final Conference
  • Letter mail monopoly stays with China Post
  • TNT says dismissals & part time work are not to be avoided

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