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UNI Post & Logistics - Global Bulletin 2011 #2

  • Unions in Pakistan unite to fight postal privatization
  • Nottingham: demonstration to keep the Post Public
  • ASECOTEL Panama holds meeting with Government’s vice minister
  • Postal Workers killed and missing in New Zealand Earthquake
  • CWU South Africa urged to grow membership or merge
  • Canadian postal workers face first conciliation meeting
  • Egyptian Telecom and Post Workers in Action
  • Turkish Unions & UNI europa work to deal with postal liberalization
  • Belgian unions angry at DHL "U" turn
  • Reported violence against TNT workers in Australia is unacceptable
  • CWU UK welcomes bulk mail price rise
  • Encourage your MEP to sign the declaration!
  • DHL Corporate Responsibility Day: Proper accountability needed

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