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27. Februar 2009

A new look and new website for UNI

On Monday, March 2nd, 2009, UNI Global Union is getting a new look. We are changing our logo and our visual identity to highlight our members and our focus on people.

Our new website will go live at 11 o'clock (CET) Monday morning. The site will be found at the same address: http://www.uniglobalunion.org.
It will be available in English, French, Spanish, German and Swedish. There will also be regional sites for UNI in India, Japan as well as Russia & CIS. An Arabic regional site is in preparation as well.

Our new site highlights news and will provide easy access to information about our work on multinationals and global agreements and union information on the financial crisis, private equity and organising.
We also have new webpages on how unions can use web 2.0 tools such as Facebook, YouTube and Second Life.

You can find information on the next Communicators' Forum, which will be held in June in Cyprus, where all communications' people working for our affiliated unions are invited to join. Registration ends April 1st!

Please make sure you have a link to our website on yours! The URL hasn't changed, it's still: http://www.uniglobalunion.org.

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