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UNI Post & Logistics - Global Bulletin 2010 #7

  • US labour relations judgment against DHL
  • Parliament tells EU Commission liberalisation not working
  • US Letter Carriers demand 6 day delivery
  • Jesse Jackson joins APWU on 6 day delivery
  • Petition to Swiss Parliament on liberalisation
  • Belgian UPS drivers solidarity with Turks
  • UNI Apro & APPU conclude a MOU
  • New Zealand DHL Workers protest
  • Chile Collective Bargaining Success
  • East Asia Postal Unions Pledge
  • UNI at the ITF World Conference
  • European Seniors support UNI
  • TNT: split of Mail & Express
  • Sit-in workers of Côte d'Ivoire Post
  • Japanese union works for permanent jobs
  • USPS highlights dog bite problem
  • No postal deregulation with CETA says CUPW
  • Cairo seminar builds global delivery union relations
  • What now for registered Mail?
  • Parcels delivered by DHL costs Swiss jobs
  • New Postal law in Paraguay
  • UNI ITF Global Delivery Week of Action

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