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UNI Post & Logistics - Global Bulletin 2011 #4

  • Japan Tsunami: Red jacket union volunteers active in the devastated area
  • Victory for POSTKOM: No postal liberalisation in Norway
  • Members of European Parliament have major concerns with postal liberalisation
  • Victory for TNT workers in Australia
  • A new wage deal for the “Bring” postal companies in Norway
  • Argentina: FOECYT celebrates its 54th Anniversary
  • Overwhelming vote for Andrea Kocsis
  • Panama postal workers protest agreement breaches
  • Canadian letter carriers have had enough, so take strike action
  • POSTKOM settles Collective Agreement negotiations with Norway Post
  • Report from Tahrir Square: UNI meets Egyptian trade unionists in Cairo
  • CWU UK welcomes amendments to Postal Services Bill
  • Sky High strike vote from Canadian postal workers
  • Spanish Post Office makes a new deal with the unions
  • French Postal Regulator produces newsletter on postal issues
  • UNI P&L World Conference Washington DC.

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