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UNI Post & Logistics - Global Bulletin 2009 #4

  • UNI Post & Logistics Lobby Pack to regulate deregulation in Europe
  • UPU Forum says postal Industry must deal with the Financial Crisis
  • Postal industry and sustainable development
  • Swiss union fighting Post office
  • Union seeks decent conditions for workers making posties uniforms
  • Shift system fury at DHL Bahrain
  • China's Postal Savings Bank Role in Spreading Rural Wealth
  • Outsourcing collection of Speed Post in India
  • Around 400 jobs to be cut in the Finnish Post
  • Tunisian postal union decides to strike
  • Keep Royal Mail Public features in London May Day events
  • Global unions press for global dialogue at DHL meeting
  • Korean Postal Workers re-elect President
  • Free Trade with Europe must not be an excuse for postal liberalization
  • Spanish DHL workers demand negotiations over "crisis" layoffs
  • Irish union's deal for postal workers using private vehicles
  • Competition at the cost of wages & working conditions, says EU study
  • No to the liberalization of the postal market in Norway, says Postkom
  • TNT union rejects proposed pay cuts

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