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23. Oktober 2008

UNI Post & Logistics - Global Bulletin 2008 #6

  • Switzerland: Rejection of a hurried liberalization of the postal sector
  • France: UNI says NO to the privatisation of La Poste in Paris - Demonstration
  • Portugal: Union leaders on hunger strike demand settlement of contract
  • New Study out on Postal Universal Service Obligation - International Comparison
  • A Collective Agreement signed between the FNTPC and DHL/DRCongo
  • Slovakia: EC request to re-open competition in
    hybrid mail sector
  • Norway: Fear that the government is failing to keep its promises will hit postal employees
  • New Zealand workers rally for workers’ rights
  • Switzerland: Employees of the postal sector demand a longlasting pay rise
  • Switzerland: Distribution of morning papers: working conditions need to be looked into
  • Argentina: Celebration of Postman’s Day
  • World Postal Day 9 October
  • UNI Post & Logistics European Committee Meeting, Luxemburg, 2-3 October
  • USA: USPS releases its 5-year plan
  • ITF’s Global Delivery Bulletin is out
  • Next meetings

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