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UNI Post & Logistics - Global Bulletin 2010 #6

  • Morocco postal workers strike
  • Sweden: the people want the Post to be state owned
  • US Unions fight against the 5 Day week proposal
  • TUMTIS dodge bullets in struggle for workers’ rights at UPS Turkey
  • Spain: Public sector workers strike
  • Spain: Postal workers stage a general strike
  • UNI & JPGU say WTO should not interfere in Japan Post’s business
  • Social Observatory project – Final Report
  • Portuguese workers say no to privatisation of Post
  • Plea to aid Hungarian Postal workers devastated by floods
  • A breakthrough in Central America with DHL collective bargaining
  • Japanese postal workers urged to vote for Namba
  • Breaking Through in UNI-Apro Postal
  • UNI Europa Post & Logistics Women meet and plan together

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